Video's of Carp being stocked at Smallwater Lake in Febuary 2010

Plus other interesting videos about carp fishing.

Below we have a set of videos of carp being stocked. Only the best moving companies are used when transporting carp to other lakes. The moving companies are selected on their speed and quality of service. As you can see from the videos moving carp from lake to lake is an involved process and needs to be done by qualified moving companies.

More Mirror and Common Carp being stocked into Smallwater lake Febuary 2011

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Cluping ??? Very strange behaviour.



Gary & George's double header


Lots of carp feeding in the margins.



lots of carp spawning in Smallwater lake


Stocking Smallwater carp lake in France with lots of carp.

The french fish farmers are quite rough with the carp

but be assured the carp have a good home now.











Tastoa lake, a big carp lake in France near Smallwater lake



Mirror carp caught from Smallwater lake in France



Carp spawning in Smallwater lake France


Carp under water, very interesting video's



Crafty Carp



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