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Watch the 2013 Belharra (giant wave)

Surfing is believed to have been introduced to France in 1956 when two Californians brought a surfboard to Biarritz. Biarritz is still a popular surfing spot, as are beaches in Lacanau, Hossegor, Anglet, Soulac, Biscarrosse, Moliets and Mimizan.

Extending in the southwestern corner of France, from the Gironde estuary near Bordeaux to the north, and the Pyrenees mountains to the south, marking the border with Spain, Aquitaine enjoys superb surfing conditions distributed between the contiguous yet contrasting Silver Coast and Basque Coast. On the southern reaches of the Silver Coast, near Biarritz and the Basque Coast, Hossegor Surfcamp is the perfect place to enjoy the best surf in France at the world famous spots of Seignosse and Hossegor, venue of many surf contests such as the Quicksilver Pro and Rip Curl Pro. Biarritz, the famous turn-of-the-century seaside resort at the start of the Basque Coast, is the cradle of surf in Europe, as well as golf in continental Europe.

"If there's a surf area in Europe that needs no introduction, its Aquitaine...this 160km long ruler-straight beach constitutes the largest potential stretch of unridden summer barrels in the entire continent…”
The Stormrider Guide Europe


Mimizan-Plage Photo
Mimizan Plagee

This photo of Mimizan could be any beach along the coast between Biscarrosse and Biarritz.

Large beach carpark, surf school, no shade.

bodyboard dans les Landes 


Just north of Vieux Bocau, you reach it by going to the village and finding the road marked to the beach. just a short walk up over the dune - tarmaced - to the beach. The beach is also a naturalist beach. Park your car under the pine trees.

Vieux Bocau

Many accesses to the beach at this resort/town. Main beach has a large carpark and beach access up and over the dune. Surf School present! and beach cafe. Photo was taken on a day when the waves were low and the surfers were bored and had to think up their own entertainment.


Probably the main surfing area, several beaches including the most famous for surfers, Estagnots. Estagnots has a carpark, easy access to the beach, nearby cafe, restaurants and toilets.

Les Estagnots Photo
Estagnots during the QuickSilver Pro France Surf Competition
Reigning ASP Women's World Longboard Champion Jenifer Smith Biarritzz

The place to be if you are rich and famous. Biarritz has 2 good surfing beaches, one in the town, the other just outside. Park in carparks (pay). Hang out with the posers!

Surf Schools
Surf Schools are a great way to introduce you to the Atlantic waves. Even if you know what you’re doing they still provide invaluable advice about local conditions and breaks.

Expect to be able to hire equipment from the local surf school, which can be picked to suit your experience and size.

2-hour lessons are the norm, expect to pay around 30 EUR, and don’t worry if you’re amongst a group – it’s fun to share the experience. Usually the price will include equipment.

Many clubs even offer ‘tandem surfing’ with the teacher joining you on your board until you get the hang of it. Check the standard of the instructor’s English before booking and also look out for FFS accreditation.




















































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