Carp fishing in France

with lake side holiday accommodation.

Description of fish / carp caught from Smallwater lake.


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Alan had the surprise of his life when field testing Lancashirecarpbaits

new K9 Roubignoles.

This is a new record for Smallwater lakes and one of the biggest

Zander ever caught in France and the rest of world.


This Zander weighs an impressive 26 lb, without a full belly !! and is a new lake record.

The carp cradle under this fish is 1meter & 20cm long, so the Zed is about 1meter 10cm long.

(Check out some more of the biggest zanders in the world)


I had to hold this one for myself.

The four days Alan fished he also had an incredible head of carp up to 41lb that fell to the K9 Rubignoles

We will most definitely be stocking them as soon as possible.

Below are just some of the photo's


30 lb common carp.

big common carp

Nice koi carp

Apple pie, mirror carp

Fat 10lb koi carp

good sized common carp

torpedo carp

32lb common carp

The leather carp called Wednesday at 33lb

Wednesdays look alike 25lb

What a handsome chap !!

Yes, Taylor of course !

common carp

Common carp with a strange scale pattern

Silver common carp

Hard fighting 41lb common carp

Leather or mirror ?



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