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1st Sept 2017

The fishing has been fantastic this month with one group of 4 catching 2600lb in one week and not even fishing nights or counting fish that were under 5lb

The weather has been slightly cooler than usual for August, but that is probably why the fishing has been so good



8th April 2017

Today was the first day of the year to reach 30C & the carp have already started spawning.
Here is a short video of some of them feeding on the eggs laid in the margins.



March 2017

The work is now all finished, new entrance wall painted & all areas that needed seeding have been seeded.
The weather has been fantastic for the time of year, with many days reaching 20C including today.

Check out this video of carp feeding on bread off the surface.


Febuary 2017

Spring is here already at Smallwater lakes, 20C today with lots of small flowers out and even the odd butterfly.

The water temperature is 13C and the fish are on the move. We have been feeding them a mixture of high protien 20mm boilies and 10mm pellet over the last few days and will continue to do so, should be good for the first anglers that will be arriving next month because the fish will have been feeding on boilies without getting hooked.

The new driveway wall is now ready for painting & the ground around the lake extention is now ready for seeding, so everything will be looking good for late spring & summer.



January 2017

Happy new year

We had a cold start to the year & the lakes even started to freeze, but it has warmed up again now, unfortunately it's also been raining quite a bit so we have not been able to completely finish the new driveway wall. The fish have woken up again after the cold spell and are feeding well on the special high protein low oil pellet that we feed them.
The area around the lake extension is almost ready for seeding, it just needs to dry out again to finish the groundwork.
The bushes that were around the lake and on the island have all been cut back plus all the snaggy roots that were in the margins have been removed (thanks Dan)


Smallwater lakes Carp fishing holiday in France home page