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Natural parks and long hiking trails.

Pyrenees National Natural Park
It is a unique territory, endowed with an exceptional natural heritage.
The Pyrenees National Park is made up of two zones : the central one which is almost uninhabited and is subject to reinforced protection.
It is in this area that the most spectacular landscapes are to be seen. The second zone is a peripheral area, a kind of pre-park on the edge of the central zone. It has 86 villages and 40 000 inhabitants.. 
Of the 107 species of mammals in France, 75 live in the Pyrenees (ermine, stoat, bear, desman, pine marten, wild boar, fox, etc.)
Many are nocturnal and shy so there is still a lot to learn about their way of life in the mountains.
Pyrenean flora is rich and the different levels of vegetation are very visible in the landscape. Indeed the higher the altitude the more difficult the living conditions for plants.


Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park

This area was once a marine depression, filled with fine sands, quite distinct from those on the coast.
This regional natural parkis covering more than 700 000 acres in the heart of the mountains forests of Gascony but also covers valleys where you can practise canoeing, kayaking, fishing... and wooded areas, in which more than 200 miles of tracks make a pleasant trip around the park.


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