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20th December 2013.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014, from all at Smallwater lakes.

Link to the Christmas e-card. Enjoy !!


29th November 2013.

A nice warm start to the month, but it has turned cold now, we have just had the first light frost. The fishing has been good, with some nice carp caught at the beginning of the month by Garry and George. Take a look at the gallery here.


31st October 2013.

Still very warm & sunny for most of this month and not a lot of rain, the bbq will be on again today. The fishing has been quite good and the biggest this month was a thirty five pound common caught by Rushil, who came here with Patrick for his birthday.


28th September 2013.

Over 30C nearly every day of this month with very little rain. Fishing has been good, but once again best late evening, night or early morning. Best fish out so far this month was a 36 lb mirror carp caught on a single 20mm halibut boilie. The water temperature is still in the mid twenties, keeping the carp feeding well.


29th August 2013.

Another very hot month with just a couple of rainy days that were quite a welcome break after so much sun. Most guests have been going out every day to either the beach, water parks or up into the mountains to keep cool, then fish for carp in the late evening and even through the night for some of the more dedicated anglers. There have been lots of very nice specimens landed despite the hot weather, the biggest et just under 40lb but backed up with lots of 30s and a few 20s.


29th July 2013.

Well what a change this month has been ! Not a drop of rain and not a day under 30C with a high of 41C. The fishing has been good despite the hot weather, but best mostly in the early hours of the morning. Best fish out so far this month was a 44lb mirror and there has also been a good percentage of thirties banked.

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30th June 2013.

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Even this month was very wet at the beginning, but everywhere has now dried out and things are almost back to normall, just needs to get a bit hotter. The average temp is still only in the mid twenties when it's normally at least mid thirties. The fishing has been a bit slow, due to the changable weather, but most anglers have still managed to leave here with a new personal best.

There's still plenty to do here if the fishing gets too much for you, Dax which is only ten minutes drive has two casinos, several restuarants, ten pin bowling, night clubs and much more which can make for a great time out. Take a look here.

Take a look at the carp in lodge lake getting up to some very odd behaviour


28th May 2013.

This May turned out to be one of the wettest for a long time, but in between all the showers it still got pretty warm, as a few of our customers found out when they got sunburn. The lakes are both over 20C and the fish have spawned and are feeding well once more, the best carp out so far this month is another common weighing 43,lb and a mirror weighing 40,lb. There have also been a lot of high thirties out, that should soon go over forty.

See some nice carp from this month here

Check out the new video of Smallwater lake carp feeding in the margins here


28th April 2013.

This month has seen a lot of fish on the bank and also two new lake records, a record common carp called Mambo caught at a new weight of 56lb 2oz & a Zander (pike perch) weighing 26lb which is a possible French record and certainly much bigger than any zander caught in the UK. Both these new record fish were caught on King Carp Baits.

See the new pictures on the gallery here

The weather has been typical for the time of year with lots of sunshine and rain. We have seen highs of 32C and the next day it could be 15C.

Both the swimming pools are now ready to use and the bbq's have been in full swing for a while now :-)


28th March 2013.

Mostly warm & sunny this month, appart from one very strange week at the beginning, take a look here.

As you can see there have still been some quality carp out this month despite the ups & downs in temperature.

The carp have really started to move around now the weather has settled, jumping, stirring up the silt & bubbles coming up everywhere.


27th Febuary 2013.

A bit of a cold wet start to this month, but it soon warmed up again with temparatures reaching 18C. The carp have started to become a lot more active and there have been a few decent fish on the bank over the last few weeks, mostly 30s but the best this month was a forty pound common that fell to a single peace of sweetcorn.

The new ground floor wheelchair accessible extension is now completely finished. Click here to see the new lodge video.


27th January 2013.

Happy new year from Smallwater lakes.

A very wet start to the year, with both carp lakes bursting their banks, but the weather has now calmed down and is very nice for January. The fishing is best in the afternoon when the sun has had chance to warm the lakes. The carp have also been very active for this time of year and are feeding well.

The ground floor extension on the lodge is almost finished and looking good, the extra bedroom and shower room with toilet is also wheelchair friendly, with extra wide doorways and a walk in / wheel in shower, plus the double bed can be raised if required.

There will be a new video of the lodge on here, when all the work has been completed.


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