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December 2015.

First of all, Merry Christmas & Happy new year from all of us at Smallwater lakes.


Christmas day here was 25c so we all had a day at the beach, there were people sunbathing and swimming, children building sandcastles and teenagers playing vollyball. It was just like a cool summers day !!

The fishing has been very good for the time of year, all down to the temperature of the water keeping the fish active and feeding.



30th November 2015.

It's started to get cooler now, still very nice when the sun is out & can still reach high teens but a lot cooler at night. The fishing was still good at the begining of the month but since then there has been no one fishing so can't really say what it is like at the moment, looks like I will just have to have to have a go myself ;-)
They still seem fairly active so should be good.
Will keep you posted.



1st November 2015.

October was another warm month with t shirts & shorts being the main clothing and bbqs still being used even now.
The lakes are still fishing fairly well for the time of year, even with all the work going on with noisy chainsaws cutting the trees & hedges (thanks for the help Scott & Dan, much appreciated)



4th October 2015.

September turned out to be a very productive month with lots of carp getting caught, mostly on snowman rigs (20mm boilie with a 10mm pop up & n 4 hook) other rigs still had their fair share of bites though. The biggest out was a common just topping 38lb.
All of September was bbq weather and still warm enough for the beach and a swim, even just last week end the beach was very busy with lots of people in the water and sun bathing.



3rd September 2015.

Once again August was another very hot month with temperatures reaching 38C which made the fishing a bit slow during the day. The temperature is now much cooler (mid twenties) and the fishing is much better with plenty of carp being caught during the day.



1st August 2015.

Another hot month with most days in the high thirties, but cooling down towards the end. Fishing has been a little frustrating with plenty of fish getting caught, just not the big ones. Best out this month was only 34lb. A few very big fish however were lost to hook pulls earlier in the month (it's shame about the one's that get away, they are always big aren't they !!)



30th June 2015.

We have just had a very hot couple of weeks topping out today at 41C, everyone stayed in the swimming pools all day ! The fishing has suffered a little because of the water temp, it's just like a bath in there. The best time is early morning just before sunrise, which seems to be the time when they are most active.

We now have several new bicycles (vtt style) for hire, both ladies & gents for 5 per day per bike, we also have smaller boys & girls bikes for hire so that the whole family can enjoy the rural country lanes around smallwater lakes and the local area.



29th May 2015.

The carp have now just stopped spawning and are back on the feed, making the fishing better once again. There have been some nice carp caught this month despite the their activities, the biggest weighing 38lb & backed up by a few other thirties and plenty of twenties and teens, mostly caught on our boilies and pellet. The weather has been up and down with highs of 32C and lows of 15C but seems to be settled again now in the high twenties.



10th April 2015.

Well they are at it again, thrashing and bashing around in the margins without a care in the world for anything else but what they need to do !! & the carp are just as bad !!
I guess it's down to all the warm weather over the last couple of weeks, highs of 28C and sunshine every day.
There has been a few nice fish out this week, should have some new pics soon.



13 march 2015.

Well Febuary turned out to be a very wet month, with all the local rivers in flood, not too warm either. But so far this month has been a scorcher for the time of year, we have already had 28C and most days have made it over 20C, which has helped to bring the fish back on to the feed. A couple of lads did very well for the time of year last week, managing to catch some very nice carp, with several over 20lb. There are now signs of larger carp stirring from their winter break, so the fishing should be good.



30th January 2015.

Due to the mild weather the carp have still been fairly active and are still feeding well. We have just hit over 1000 likes on our facebook page    not bad going, it's only just over 1 year old, so keep the likes coming in.

We have put several small (30 lb) same sex cats into the lakes, Hopefully this will help to keep the numbers of smaller fish down and also provide another species for some anglers to target.

All the best for the new year

Shane & Rula.


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