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21st December 2014.

First of all Merry Christmas & all the best for the new year.

The carp are still feeding well due to the warm weather, hopefully next week when the next anglers arrive it will still be the same, so the fishing should be good. Obviously we will keep you all posted.

The chalet now has a new roof with more insulation to help keep the heat of the summer months out and easier to keep warm in the cooler months (not that it gets that cold down here)

The new bridge that links both lakes has proven to be a great success because the fish can & do move freely between both lakes, so the biguns could be anywhere !!

The new downstairs extension in the lodge has been praised for it's wheelchair friendly access and also for anyone that has difficulty with stairs it has been a godsend.

Plans for a lake extension at the west end of Smallwater lake next year have been put on hold for one year, but will definitely be done during winter 2016.

Well that's all for this year.

Once again, happy holidays & all the best for the new year,

Shane & Rula.



29th November 2014.

The weather is now back to normal with temperatures hovering in the high teens & with a few days of rain, but not too much !

The carp are still feeding well, putting on weight for the winter, grubbing around and getting straight onto the feed pellets as soon as they are thrown into the usual feeding spots.



31st October 2014.

Another month of record breaking weather, no rain & almost 30C again every day, even today 31st Oct they are forecasting a full 30C.

The fishing has been good with some decent size carp landed ( gallery)



28th September 2014.

30C + almost every day this month with more hot weather forecast . The fishing has suffered a bit due to the heat, but there have still been some decent lumps netted. The best so far this month is a common weighing 42 lb, this has been backed up with another 40 pounder, three 30 pounders, a couple of high twenties 29lb & 28lb that will soon be thirties, plus lots of lower 20s & teens.



31st August 2014.

A warm month but not too hot with the average temp around 30C. Water parks & beaches were the places to go for the day, with a few hours fishing Smallwater lakes in the evenings for the monster carp that reside in them.



30th July 2014.

The best fish out this month just topped 50lb & so far is the best this year. The weather has been hot with a high of 38C so most of the fish have been caught at night when it's a bit cooler and on our baits.



28th June 2014.

This month at Smallwater lakes it has been very warm, with mid - high thirties every day and usually a storm in the evening to cool things down. The fishing has been a little slow & most of the larger carp have still not been caught, but do tease you by showing themselfes by leaping out or slowly moving around just under the surface. The group of anglers that are here at the moment say that they have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and will be back next spring for more.



28th May 2014.

Well the carp have finally stopped spawning and are now getting their heads down & feeding well again, we are just waiting for some of the bigger residents to show themselfes. The weather this month has been a bit unpredictable, with sunny highs of 32C and rainy lows of 15C. Best carp out so far this month was a 31 lb 8oz Common, not huge but not bad.
Check out the recent catches on the gallery



26th April 2014.

A warm month with very little rain until this week, but only light showers and the odd thunder storm. Max temp this month was 29C with most days being in the high 20s.

The carp are feeding well, despite a few of them starting to spawn. Here are a few pics of some of the carp caught this month by Chris from Spain. Click here to see Chris's carp.



31st March 2014.

What a differance some good weather can do, all the trees are leafing and the fruit trees are in blossom. The carp are feeding hungrily on the surface for insects and anything that gets thrown in, bread, dog biscuits etc. Max temp this month was 26C and that was today.



14th March 2014.

Well the rain has stopped & the sun has been shining for over a week now (23C today, T shirts & shorts "nice"). All the ground works are finished and the grass seed around the bridge where the excavation took place has started to germinate.

It's great to stand on the bridge, looking down into the water and see the fish passing under :-)



28th Febuary 2014.

Another very wet month, which unfortunately has held up a lot of the ground work that needs doing around the lakes. Fortunately the bridge is completely finished & the lakes are now joined, so all that is left to do will not take too many days once there is a break in the weather. There will be some more photo's on here when it stops raining long enough for us to take some.

The good news is that the carp have been seen moving under the bridge, feeding on all the worms etc that have been exposed from the excavation (yum yum) :-)


A few pictures of the completed bridge before the lakes were joined.



29th January 2014.

The start to this year has been very wet, but still warm enough for the carp to continue feeding well, so the carp should still be packing on the weight.

We have also started a project that has needed doing since lodge lake was excavated and stocked. It is the joining of both lakes with a bridge over the gap in the driveway between the two lakes. This means that Mambo and the big mirror plus all the other fish could be in either lake.

There will be more pictures on here next month when all the work is done.


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