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19th December 2012.

Merry Christmas from Smallwater lakes.

Well the weather certainly did warm up as forecast last month & without much rain. We have had temperatures in the high teens most days this month with a high of 21C last Tuesday. The carp are feeding well again and can be seen basking on the surface when the sun is out.


30th November 2012.

A nice warm month with temps in the 20s until now, but we have just had the first frost of the year which will slow down the fishing until it warms up again. The long range forecast for the next week does say that it will be getting warmer again but rain has also been forecast.

There will be a new ground floor extension on the lodge for spring/summer 2013 which will have a double bedroom, toilet, sink and walk in shower room, plus it will also be wheelchair friendly. There will be a new video & new pictures on here as soon as it's finished.


30th October 2012.

This month has seen all kinds of weather but mostly sunny with temps in the mid 20s C, just the last few days of the month have cooled down to mid teens but it's still nice and sunny so feels a lot warmer (still t shirt weather). As a consequence of the drop in weather the fishing has slowed down a little. We have seen some nice carp out this month the biggest was a common carp weighing 38lb 12oz, caught by Gary who came here for his sons birthday treat. His son George also managed to catch a new personal best carp weighing 32lb 12oz. you can see the pictures and some video footage of a double header (two carp caught at the same time here)


27th September 2012.

Yet another month of great weather, almost every day above 30 C, the lakes have both fished very well, with the biggest out so far this month weighing 47lb, a lovely looking common. We have had a field tester here for KING CARP BAITS, testing the new T1 Transformers. He had 43 fish in 5 days and that included 9 high 30lb carp plus the 47lb common.


28th August 2012.

Another very hot month with temperatures still well above 30C and a high of 42C (too hot) but very nice in the swimming pools. The lakes have not been fished since the 18th so the carp will have had a good summer break by the time the next carp fishing customer arrives on the 1st of September. The larger carp (over 30lb) that were caught here before the 18th were caught mainly on halibut pellets and crab boilies. There will be more pics in the gallery soon.


29th July 2012.

Both carp lakes are still fishing best at night and early morning due to the hot weather, which has reached over 40C in the shade. Late evening you can here & see the carp sucking and feeding in the margins, some of them have been getting there heads clean out of the water to feed on the plants, seeds and insects, which looks very spectacular !! There have been a few high twenties and mid thirties caught this month, but the best this month has been a 41 lb common carp caught on a running hair rig with fresh prawn. For a look at some of the photo's of the carp and other fish caught here, take a look at our gallery.


28th June 2012.

June has been a very hot month as usual with temperatures reaching 38C in the shade, even the swimming pools have reached over 30C, the carp fishing has been best at night or early morning because of this. There have been some nice mid thirty common carp out of Smallwater lake caught on floating bread, plus a few decent size carp caught from the new lodge lake on pieces of ham and whole prawns. The best carp caught this month was a mirror that topped the scales at 46lb 8oz caught on double 20mm tutti fruity boilies from the channel around the island in Smallwater lake, during the night.


26th May 2012.

This months weather has been very unusual, we have had scorching hot weeks in the 30s and a few days with rain and temperatures plumiting to 12C. The carp fishing has still been fairly good dispite the circumstances. There will soon be some more recent photo's of the carp caught here this month in the gallery. We also have a late deal special offer of 10% discount, if you book any available week before the end of October 2012. (click here for more info)


5th May 2012.

After a very wet april the rain has finally stoped and the sun has started to dry the ground. There have been several big carp caught despite the water levels in both lakes and a lot of the carp still spawning. The last few days have been very sunny with the odd thunder storm in the evening and temperatures in the high 20s during the day and high teens at night.


16th April 2012.

A wet start to this month but it has not put the dampers on the fishing. There has been some big carp landed in the last couple of weeks including a new lake record mirror carp weighing 57lb (waiting for photo) plus three carp over 40lb and lots of thirties and high twenties. Check out some of the new photo's in the gallery.


27th March 2012.

It has been a very sunny & warm March with temperatures today reaching 28C. Most of the trees are in leaf and lots of the flowers and blossoms are full. We have uncovered the swimming pools and turned on the pumps so that they will be ready to use at the end of the month.

Some of the carp have already spawned in smallwater lake over the last couple of weeks. In the new lodge lake there have been a few signs of them starting to spawn also. The carp fishing should still be good because they are not all spawning at the same time.


26th Feb 2012.

A cold start to this month but it didn't last long and the weather has been sunny, warm and dry since. The carp in both lakes are very active and still feeding well in preparation for spawning, so we have started feeding the fish a bit more each day to help them along. Some of the carp have even been taking bait from the surface just recently and are clearly visible swimming close to the top of the water.


26th January 2012.

After a wet and windy start to the year the weather has now calmed down and is quite warm for January. The fishing is best in the late afternoon after the sun has warmed the lakes throughout the day. The carp have been very active for this time of year and are still feeding well.


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