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Seaside resorts

Four different landscapes, four different atmospheres

You can distinguish four types of coastline in Aquitaine – four geographical areas, four kinds of landscape, four different atmospheres … Running from north to south, they are the Médoc, the Bay of Arcachon, the Landes and the Basque Coast.

“The Côte d’Argent symbolises this whole coastal area, lined with sparkling ocean spray”, wrote Maurice Martin, the inventor of the term Côte d’Argent (Silver Coast) in 1905. The expression “Aquitaine Coast” officially appeared in 1967 with the creation of the MIACA (a French inter-ministerial committee to develop the Aquitaine coast), which was largely responsible for protecting the Aquitaine coastline.

The seaside resorts of Aquitaine have two remarkable features in common.

The first is the fact that these towns, developed in places devoid of any town-planning, tended to systematically build all the facilities deemed necessary – train station, public park, place of worship, etc.

The second is the so-called “resort-style” architecture of these towns on the Atlantic coast. Around the beginning of the 19th century, art nouveau and exotic influences combined to produce an eclectic style, while the Basque-Landes style saw the emergence of typical villas spreading further north. A pleasant variety of sights to see in a stroll in the open air.

By both these points in common and their specific features, the seaside resorts in Aquitaine have plenty to attract you. Between the varied nautical activities and relaxation, you will enjoy pleasant, colourful holidays.

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