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28th December 2011.

First of all merry Christmas and happy new year.

The carp fishing is a bit slow at the moment, (averaging at just two a day) but the ones that have been caught over Christmas have all been over 30 lb and the best just topping 40 lb. The weather has been sunny for most of the month but just a little cooler than normal with highs of 18C during the day and lows of 6C at night, this is probably the reason for the way the carp fishing is at the moment. Another reason could be that at the beginning of the month we had a lot of the smaller carp removed, along with a substantial amount of roach and bream, which probably spooked them for a while but should help the larger carp to pack on even more weight next year.


30th November 2011.

There's been lots of very nice carp captured this month with the average weight being over 30 lb and topping in the high fourties. Everyone this month has left here with a new personal best. The weather has been mostly dry with temperatures still reaching 20C at the end of the month.


28th October 2011.

This month the weather has been very dry again with temperatures at the beginning of the month still in the thirties C but cooling off a little now to the low - mid twenties. The fishing has been very good in both the lakes with lots of carp in the high thirties and mid forties on the bank. We had a couple of young lads from St Christophers here last week and they both said that they thoroughly enjoyed their holiday and fishing here. There will be photo's in the gallery of them with some of the carp and other fish that they caught soon.


28th September 2011.

Yet another hot month with no rain and temperatures reaching 36C even in the last week. The carp have been coming out mostly during the night, although a few nice specimens have been caught in the middle of the day by fishing in the shaded margins.


31st August 2011.

This month has been fantastic for the weather and the carp fishing, there has been very little rain and lots of sunshine with highs of 40C, plus there have been some big carp on the bank, some of them nearly 50 lb, plus lots & lots of 30 pounders. Hopefully everyone will be sending the photos of their catches so that we can put them in the gallery.

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28th July 2011.

The weather this month has been very unpredictable with highs of 40C and lows under 20C, there has been a lot of rain for this time of year but it has not stopped some cracking carp being caught and landed ( several 4O pounders and lots of Thirties ) all of them long hard fighting fish. Take a look at the most recent pictures of carp caught from Smallwater lakes here.


29th June 2011.

Another hot month with highs of 40C and the odd thunder storm of an evening. The fishing has been better after a storm or at night and early morning. We have had yet another lake record carp weighing in at 53 lb called Mambo. It was last caught two yeers ago weighing 46 lb, which goes to show that they are packing on the weight . Plus most carp anglers have gone home with vastly improved personal bests.

To see some of the recent catches take a look at the gallery where there are new photo's of carp and other fish caught from both lakes uploaded most weeks.


30th May 2011.

Once again it has been another month of great weather with highs of 36C and very little rain appart from the odd thunder storm in the evenings. The family on holiday in the lodge at the moment, had two personal best carp on the first day of their stay, one common carp from the new lodge lake and another 30 lb mirror carp from Smallwater lake, plus lots of koi carp and tench on float.

Click here to see their catches.


30th April 2011.

The new lake (Lodge lake) is now finished and ready to be fished. There are some pictures of the carp being stocked and also a few pictures of Smallwater Lodge lake being excavated.

The weather this month has been fantastic, with most days reaching nearly 30C and a few days above that. The carp are still spawning but not as much as they were at the beginning of the month, making for better fishing.


30th March 2011.

A very nice mirror carp was caught this week by Louise (staying on holiday in the chalet) It was a new personal best & also a new lake record, weighing in at 49 lb and 10 oz

 (click here for the photo and description of Louises catch)

The new fishing lake (Smallwater Lodge Lake) is now almost finished and we have some of the stock arriving next week, about 50 carp all between 16 lb and 4O lb (the majority of them are over 20 lb) There will be pictures and video of the new fishing lake and the new carp next month.


25th February 2011.

It's hard to believe but the carp have already started spawning. Maybe it is because we have had such a mild winter here in the south west of France. The end of Jan and begining of Feb saw temperatures into the twenties (C) or High sixties & seventies in F. The last few days have been warm but also wet and windy, this will have given the carp a greater supply of oxygen and that plus warm water temperatures is probably the reason for the early spawning.

Excavation of the second lake has just started and all looks to be going well. We have already placed the order with the fish farmer for the black bass, zander, perch, and blue gill to arrive for next winter along with all the silver fish.


25th January 2011.

We have just ordered another 500 KG (1200 lb) of common carp and mirror carp weighing between 5 KG (11 lb) and 18 KG (38 lb) each. They will be stocked into the carp lake in February this year. This will make Smallwater carp lake probably the most heavily stocked carp lake in France for its size. Plus there will be a lot more carp that have never been caught before. When the new stock of carp arrives you can take a look at the videos of them being stocked into the fishing lake by clicking here.


19th January 2011.

The excavation of a second small fishing lake next to Smallwater lake will commence soon. At present we are clearing trees from the site. It will be about one acre in size & we are considering stocking predators, such as common perch, zander, black bass, large mouth bass and small mouth bass, plus several types of sun perch. There will also be a good stock of silver fish such as roach and dace. This should make fishing for beginers much more exciting and help hone their skills because of the frequent casting & catching.



15th January 2011. After a bit of a cool start to the year everything is now back to normal with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 20s. The fish are topping in the lake again and feeding better than they were a couple of weeks ago. Today, Josh (staying in the chalet) had a very nice 42 lb common carp on 18mm pineapple boilie next to the island. He said it was a very hard fighting, long body fish. Not the usual fatty or pig with fins. Tomorrow they are heading into the mountains for a bit of skiing, having seen all the snow on them this afternoon.


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