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12th December 2010. The weather has been great here in the South West of France, certainly compared to the UK for the last two weeks. We have had highs of 24C in the afternoons and most days have been T shirt weather. The carp fishing has been good, with a couple of high 30 pounders out last week plus lots of carp in double figures. We have just purchased several more mirror and common carp around 18 Kg (40lb) to put into the lake, hopefully they will be arriving before the end of January.


3rd November 2010. Despite a few rainy but warm days the fishing has been quite good recently, but still no capture of the big one just yet.

This is what the last couple that were here fishing had to say :-

What an idyllic place to spend time just relaxing and chilling out.

The fishing is excellent & there is an abundance of big carp in the lake (patience is the word & ground bait)

We will definately return & many thanks to our hosts who have thought of everything to make our stay comfortable.

Many thanks Shane & Rula, See you again,

Mike & Ann



7th October 2010. The weather for this time of year is fantastic, it has been close to 30C in the shade all week. The last couple that were here (Dan & Roxanne) said that they had a lovely time despite not catching any big carp & that they are definitely coming back to try again. The carp must have spawned again because the lake is teaming with small fry that are only a few millimeters long, which goes to show just how good the conditions are for them.


9th September 2010. Finally the temperature over here in the south west of France is declining (25C on average) & there have been a couple of rainy days which have dropped the water temperature in the carp lake to 20C, this should make the fishing better than it has been through out the hot summer that France has had. We threw some bread in the lake today and there were lots of carp coming to the surface of the lake to feed, which is a very good sign. The next carp anglers to fish the lake arrive on the 18th for a week in the holiday chalet.


24th August 2010. So far it has been a fabulous month with very little rain & most days reaching 35 +. The fishing has not been to good due to the temperature but the fantastic weather has certainly made everyone's holiday a great one. Peter Kay & family ( who stayed for two weeks in both holiday properties ) could not praise Smallwater lake & the accommodation enough and have booked to come again later this year. We are still waiting for someone to catch the 50lb plus carp that was Stocked into Smallwater lake in Febuary. fifty-pound-carp-50lb-mirror-carp


 Hopefully it will be caught & landed soon , then we can have some great carp photo's to put in the gallery . Book your carp fishing holiday here in France at Smallwater lake and it could be you holding a catch of a lifetime !!



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1st August 2010. A cloudy but very pleasent day today after a scorching 42C in the shade yesterday. Alan from Wigan was catching some very nice Tench & bream last week on a pole using maggots for bait, the water in the lake was fizzing like lemonade in the early morning & late evening wherever he cast. Alan & his wife said that they both had a great holiday here in France & wished that they could have stayed longer in the lodge.


7th July 2010. Now its getting very hot, today was 37C & the forecast for tomorrow is 40C. We have guests from sweden at the moment in the chalet & they say that they have never experianced such fantastic weather and are very glad that there is a swimming pool. The lodge has a couple staying in it who have never been fishing before but with a little tuition they have had plenty of carp, the best so far has just topped 30lb caught on a monster crab boilie, plus a very nice breem of 9lb caught on ledgered worm. They say that it has been one of the most exciting holidays that they have had and will definatly take up carp fishing as a hobby.


25th June 2010. After a bit of a wet month the weather is now back on track with highs of 37C & the long range forecast has the sun shining with temperatures in the mid thirty's for the next 7 days at least. Both the swimming pools are now 28C & the lake temperature is 26C,  making the carp are very active, splashing around in the margins & jumping clear out of the water. Swallows & house martins are putting on a flying display every evening dive bombing the lake for insects, it's really great to see.


26th May 2010. The weather has been glorious for the past two weaks, not a spot of rain & temperatures reaching 36C in the shade. The water temperature in the lake is 26C and the carp & tench are feeding very well, packing on the weight. There are lots of fry & fingerlings in the lake now after the spawning, when you approach the margins the water seems to boil with activity.


10th May 2010. Well the weather has finaly changed & its back up to 30C + with sunshine & showers plus a cracking thunderstorme during the night. The carp did not go off the feed during the breif cold spell as the water temp in the lake only dropped 4C from 20 down to 16 & now its 19C again & on the rise. A few of the carp were still spawning yesterday but the majority of them are back to thier usual hungry selves taking food as soon as it hits the surface of the lake.


4th May 2010. Well its gone from being 30C every day for nearly a month to an absolutly baltic 8C today & the forecast is not improving at least for the next 5 days Brrrrrr. The water temp in the lake has'nt dropped much just yet, still 18C but if this keeps up the fish will certainly go off the feed & become harder to catch. Take a look at the fishing jokes , a good laugh might warm you up.

I was given the ultimatum 3 weeks ago.  She said  "it's me or your fishing."  I do miss her.


We are now taking bookings for next year at this years prices. Have a look at the availability calendar and book your carp fishing holiday in France at Smallwater lake now.


27th April 2010. Another hot one today (30C) The carp seem to have stopped spawning now but they have made a real mess of the reed beds. The larger carp have started to join the others basking in the sun just bellow the surface & are also feeding from the top, they would be an easy catch with a few floated dog biscuits. (still waiting for someone to catch this 50lb + carp)



A short film of carp spawning in the lake on the 20th April 2010. It was a warm day about 28 with hardly any wind.



February 2010. We took delivery of another one ton of Carp and Tench (including a 25 kg mirror carp) to make our carp fishing lake the best  runs water that there probably is.

 Carp and tench being stocked into Smallwater lake.


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